Seattle Weekly’s Voracious 2013

Cuban Bowl – Snout Co

Kim chi meatball over rice patty (I love asian food) from Marination Mobile

Gumbo and Jambalaya from Jemil’s

Harvest Vine Proscuitto

Salmon Crostini from Spur Gastropub

Platted L to R clockwise – Chicken sausage with bacon jam Skillet, Crusted Tuna, Chicken Liver Mouse RN 74, Steak Tartar Blind Pig Bistro, and Tapioca Dumplings Monsoon

Top Chef Masters Thierry from Luc doing work!

Cocktail curators from Ba Bar

As I mentioned before… Hands down Seattle Weekly’s Voracious is one of my favorite food events of the year! The tasting awards brought together some of the area’s top restaurants, food trucks, and cocktail curators for a huge foodie celebration. Can’t beat an open bar and all the tasty tastings you can consume. Not to forget, lots of socializing and that Seattle folks came very nicely fitted. Plus partying in the Paramount… why not!

Where else are you going to get all these all-star food participation under one roof!

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