Waterfront Dining at the Edgewater’s Six Seven

Chef John Roberts

English pea boisson (truffle creme)

Scallop ceviche

Beet carpaccio

Pan roasted ling cod

Lemon meyer pie

The Edgewater is Seattle’s historic pier hotel that once hosted Rock and Rolls’ elite, The Beatles. (There is a famous picture of them fishing out of their room). Recently, the Edgewater took care of one of my heroes, travel food extraordinaire, Anthony Bourdain (Layover Seattle). Lucky for us, the foodhipster206 team received an extension of that hospitality with a generous invite to the Spring Blogger dinner at their signature viewtastic (indoor & outdoor) seafood restaurant, Six Seven.

The tasting highlighted some of Chef John Roberts’ freshest spring menu creations.  The experience began with a showcase of the season’s fresh starters; a delectably smooth English pea boisson, flavorful and spicy scallop ceviche, and the visually stunning beet carpaccio that would make you forget the beef. The main dishes for the night were the pan roasted ling cod and spring lamb loin. Both were splendid and well executed with a wine pairing. Wrapping up the tasting course was a lemon meyer pie that could satisfy any sweet tooth. 

It’s always a pleasure to have dinner at Six Seven and enjoy the company of their team and the Seattle food blogging community. It was a fun event to partake in and thank you to the Edgewater for an awesome night!     

Six Seven on Urbanspoon

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