Nopalito SF


Totopos con Chile

Gordita Campechana

Mole Chicken


We were hanging out on Division Street and looking for a place for good eats. The plan was to put in for a table at both Nopa and Nopalito, go to the hipster bar, and see who calls us first. Both restaurants were really packed so we knew we were going to get some enjoyable food. Lone and behold, Nopalito was the winner.

For our meal, our table started with the Totopos con Chile (chips and salsa) and the Gordita Campechana (crisp fried tortilla with braised beef). Both dishes helped jump-start the meal with bold tastes of spices and acid. Then for the main dishes, we got the Carnitas (braised pork) and the Enchiladas Potosinas de Camaron. The pork was slow braised in orange, beer, bay leaf and cinnamon, infusing tons of flavor. The Enchilada was balanced and delicious as well.

I enjoyed Nopalito and also gave them a “like” on their Facebook page. I dig a place pushing for good flavors and dedicated to sustainability.  The cuisine definitely holds up to its motto of celebrating traditional Mexican cooking. Nopalito is a place full of discovery in each of their plates and I’m glad I got to enjoy many dishes with my group of homies.

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