Nice to meet you again Brenda’s SF


Hangtown Fry

Crawfish Beignet

Dungeness Crab Beignet

Pork Belly with cheesy grits and a poached egg

Shrimp and cheesy grits

I fell in love with Brenda’s a few years ago after one of those much-needed morning savory meals. The space was half its current size and the wait was 4 times as long. Not sure if that math makes sense, but the wait was worth it to experience the delicious Flight of Beignets, hangtown fry, and the fried chicken benedict. The meal was exceptionally memorable and I have been yearning to come back.

During my most recent SF trip to visit family and friends, we were finally able to make it back. My excitement was like being a kid in Toys-R-Us. We went on a Friday morning right before the lunch rush and were able to be seated within 10 minutes…. Victory! I needed a few minutes to settle in, as I was overjoyed with happiness. They’ve really hooked up the space to give it an updated classic New Orleans feel.

For our order, of course we went with the Flight of Beignets that we modified to consist of 3 beignets filled with dungeness crab (special for that day), crawfish, and apple. We wanted to re-live the previous dining experience but unfortunately the benedicts are only available during the weekend (sad face emoticon). But no worries, as we got the hangtown fry, and since I was feeling special, we ordered the pork belly and cheesy grits.

The beignets were just as stellar as I remembered. They are one of San Francisco’s best sweet and savory combinations that I’ve had. The hangtown fry was good, with oysters that were plump and plentiful, and bacon that added a smoky flavor. The pork belly cheesy grits were alright. I had high expectations but the dish just fell short. I expected the dish to completely harmonize and be better refined.

In all, I’m so happy to have gotten reacquainted with Brenda’s. It’s definitely worth trying, especially for the savory brunch lovers. San Francisco is a food playground and the beignets are a must play. 

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