A Picturesque Brunch at the SAM

SAM Brunch Taste

If you’re feeling city, artsy, and hungry, try a day at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). The brunch at the Taste Restaurant, located on the street level of the SAM, is as delicious as it is convenient.  Since we are dormant SAM members, we made it a priority to spend a weekend day exploring exhibits and using our membership discount for some sustainable food. 

The TASTE brunch experience was tasty. The dishes are locally sourced from the area’s best suppliers right to your table. I ordered the Croque Madame since I was feeling like something buttery and savory. It included gruyere, smoked ham, and a sunny side egg on top of a brioche bun. I savored every bite for as long as I could. My fiancée went with a festive pork belly succotash. The pork belly was very nicely executed on a bed of squash, beets, and fennels. It was an artistic display of earthy components that reminded me of confetti.

Though our dishes at the Taste were good, I regretted not ordering the chicken and waffles. Every time one passed by, I couldn’t help but stare and drool at the beautifully constructed work of art. Nevertheless, the brunch experience compliments a day at the museum very well. I consider it one of the better brunches in the Seattle downtown area.

After the museum, we visited DeLaurenti at the Pike Place Market to munch on the best cookie in Seattle….the massive chocolate chip cookie with whole hazelnuts. If you haven’t had it, check it out! 

TASTE Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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