Wondering about the Wandering Goose?

Wonder no more….. The Wandering Goose is the newest Southern inspired brunch spot where many Seattleites have been filing in, week in and week out. Located on the eastside of Capitol Hill, the Wandering Goose is a charming vintage breakfast café that serves food in a setting that is both a socially relaxed dining experience and a delectable grab-and-go spot.

After realizing we had to join the queue and order at the counter, our first thought was to quickly claim a table as the restaurant was pretty packed. For our order, we went with the recommendations of the hangtown fry and the veggie plate. The hangtown fry was an intricate combination of savory tastiness served in a skillet of fried oysters, pork belly, a poached egg, and potatoes. The veggie plate was a delicious option as well, as we got try the mac & cheese (my weakness), and have our veggie fix of collared greens and peas. To top it off, the veggie plate also came with the shop’s signature biscuit.

The Wandering Goose definitely hits its mark by serving food that is comfortable, affordable, and satisfying. The Friday Supper will be next on my list of wanders. 

The Wandering Goose on Urbanspoon

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