Ford Fusion Hybrid Sustainability Dinner @ The Corson Building

Smoked black cod and parsnip brandade

Mussels and pancetta with bok choy in aioli vinaigrette

Black soybean with seabass in a paprika broth

Wheat berry and dandelion greens topped with pork loin and meatballs

Toasted coconut on roasted cauliflower and pumpkin cooked in brown butter over yogurt

Carrie Majeske, Ford’s Product Sustainability Manager

Last week the foodhipster206 team was invited to a sustainable fusion-style dinner party hosted by the Ford Motor Company. The event was an inspired collaboration with chef Emily Crawford Dann of the Corson Building to create a tasting menu that utilized some of the sustainably sourced items that are found in the materials used in the new Ford Fusion Hybrid and its future models. The featured sustainable food items were soybeans (found in the head-rest materials of the seats), wheat (used in the reinforced plastic), coconut husk (for interior molded parts), and dandelions (in the floor mats and interior trim).

The dinner party was an enjoyable time as I got the chance to meet other Seattle food bloggers, chefs, sustainability community members, and the Ford team.

All the dishes served were intriguing and shared family style. The night started with an impressive smoked black cod parsnip brandade and a flavor-packed mussels and pancetta dish.

The features of the night were the entree courses as it consisted of the sourced items found in the Ford Fusion. The black soybean was paired with a nicely cooked seabass in a paprika broth. The wheat berry and long cooked dandelion greens were topped with juicy pork loin and meatballs. The toasted coconut was sprinkled on a pairing of roasted cauliflower and pumpkin cooked in brown butter over house made yogurt. All these combinations worked out fabulously and were executed really well. 

The night also highlighted a discussion with Ford’s Product Sustainability Manager, Carrie Majeske. Carrie walked through Ford’s approach to choosing and sourcing each of the ingredients. Ford’s motivation for this project was to position itself for a future where petroleum and some of its other car products might be scarce and volatile. Ford also emphasized that the recycled products used in the Fusion Hybrid would have ended up in landfills such as the plastic bottles, denim scraps, and coconut husks. In addition, Ford is dedicated to ensuring that the sources of their items are not competing with the food chain or from conflict areas.

The night capped off with some dessert, more socializing, and an opportunity to test-drive the Ford Fusion Hybrid. The charming Corson Building was a beautiful backdrop for the Ford Fusion Hybrid event as it articulates the Corson Building’s mission of bringing together community through sustainable organic food.

*It is unfortunate that after this blog post was originally released, there was a recall of the 2013 Ford Fusion and Escape vehicles with the 1.6L engines. Please note that the recalled vehicles are different than the Hybrids that were showcased. Having the opportunity to meet the staff and representatives of Ford, I found that they were extremely friendly, passionate, and demonstrated their dedication to quality and innovation in their sustainable technology. Despite Ford’s recent setback, I hope that consumers will still appreciate Ford’s long-term commitment to its customers, safety, and the environment.

For further information about the safety recall, please see Ford’s linked message.

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