Cake Envy…… It’s Your Birthday!

Cake Envy

Photobooth…. the homies Annie and Sarah partaking in the festivities

Red Velvet

In the window

fh206 and the shop owner Helen Noh

Cake Envy…..It’s your birthday! And we are going to party like it’s your birthday!  Last weekend many of us helped Cake Envy celebrate their 1 year birthday bash.  The party was pretty poppin with a dj, rose’, charcuterie from Spur Gastropub, prizes, and of course dessert. It was great turnout with plenty of people, kids, and everyone partaking in the festivities. 

Cake Envy is about local, sustainable, the best ingredients, and producing some of the most envious treats. The space is a charming modern feel that sets the mood for a fun social environment….also serving beer and wine helps with that.  For the cupcakes, my faves are the Mexican chocolate, Almond Creme Anglaise, and Neapolitan.  I’ve been a fan of Cake Envy since their grand opening a year ago.  It’s my goto special occasion shop and even more special since they will be creating my wedding cake.  PS, I won the grand prize as I was randomly selected for a custom designed wedding cake.  *insert celebration dance here*

Cake Envy on Urbanspoon

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