Brunchin’ at the Arabica Lounge

Shoutout to food models Voss and Kirsten of Neon Nightmare Vintage, and Alicia

Armadillo (spinach, feta, and onions)

Omelet with fig and goat cheese

Soldier eggs with lava crystals and prosciutto wrapped toast

Arabica Lounge is definitely one of Seattle’s most fun and eclectic eating experiences. The coffee is top notch and the Arabica Lounge is creating quite a buzz with their distinctive brunch and pastries. The setting is creatively cool combining mid-modern and rustic vintage furniture with artistry decor. The owner’s passion is to provide a space for enjoyment, relaxation, and socialization along with delectable food.

With all the artistic personality bursting in the space, the innovation has also translated into their dishes. The menu is French inspired with a commitment to quality ingredients and presentation. Arabica Lounge is one of those places where I wanted to order everything on the menu and in the pastry window.

For our meal, we ordered the soldier eggs with prosciutto and the omelet with fig and goat cheese. The soldier eggs dish was visually impressive and whimsical with toy soldiers scaling egg-carton mountains. The presentation was imaginative and Instagram worthy. It was fun dipping the prosciutto wrapped strips of toast into the soft-boiled egg yolk. The deep fig with goat cheese omelet was a stand-out as well. The figs were sweet and nicely contrasted the savory goat cheese in the omelet.   

We also sampled from an assortment of pastries inspired by the chef’s worldly influences. My favorites were the cardamom shortbread cookie and the armadillo. The cardamom cookie had a nice light flavor with a bit of a bite. The armadillo was a flakey savory pastry filled with spinach, feta, and onions. Also, the Arabica Lounge provides a good selection of gluten free and vegan options to accommodate all patrons.

During our dining experience, we saw a wide variety of people coming into the Arabica Lounge. From old-time Capitol Hill residents to hipster-cool students, the experience and food appeals to everyone. We had an awesome time and the staff is super friendly and welcoming. Brunch is everyday. 

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