Boat Street Cafe

Boat Street Cafe

Eggs benedict with goat cheese and artichokes

cornmeal custard cake with bananas

Poached egg over pork hash

Corn pudding with sausage

The Boat Street Café is a charming rustic restaurant that is inspired by the French region of Provençal. The vision of Boat Street Café is to stimulate an exquisite dining experience by both its food and environment.

We went to brunch here a few weeks ago to celebrate my fiancée’s sister’s birthday.  The brunch menu is pretty extensive with a good combination of sweet and savory. Also, I like the fact that their French menu is easy to interpret and you’re not left wondering what you just ordered. For my meal, I ordered the eggs benedict with goat cheese and artichokes. The rest of the table ordered the poached egg over pork hash, cornmeal custard cake with bananas, and corn pudding with sausage. The dishes are just the right portions and served with fruit and mix greens salad.

The eggs benedict dish was delicious with the right balance of flavor in the hollandaise sauce. The only downside is that there was no meat in the dish, so for meat lovers, be sure to get a side of bacon or sausage. The pork hash was tasty as well with a smoky flavor to satisfy your savory needs. I didn’t try the other dishes but everyone looked pleased. 

The other distinctive aspect about Boat Street Café is their atmosphere with slate tables, wood floors, and bistro lighting. The place looks like a setting for a Kinfolk magazine photo shoot. This space is perfect for socializing, being romantic, and celebrating special occasions. I enjoyed my experience at the Boat Street Cafe and look forward to dinner here sometime soon. 

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