Viewtastic Brunch at the Cliff House Bistro

Cliff House
Popovers for breakfast

Eggs San Francisco (rendition of Eggs Benedict)

French Toast with Apple and Bacon

The Cliff House Bistro is one of San Francisco’s most fantastic and viewtastic brunch experiences. It provides classic old school California charm with a warm nostalgic feel.

The brunch started off with fresh buttery popovers that were so amazing. Then for the main course we had the Eggs San Francisco (their version of Crab Eggs Benedict) and the French Toast with bacon. I must say, the Eggs SF was way too delicious with fresh meaty crab, perfectly poached eggs, and a nice sauce. I was sad to have to share half of it with my fiancee, nevertheless the French Toast with bacon was a good choice too. It’s wonderful to have a good meal and overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I can live this lifestyle everyday.

The Cliff House Bistro was great recommendation from my fiancee’s uncle and aunt. It is the Nordstrom Rack version of the Cliff House Sutro, but still had first class in food, service, and views.

Sutro's at the Cliff House on Urbanspoon

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