Momofuku-ing Awesome (Ssam Bar)

Rolling with the homie Kevin Chou as we backpacked through the urban jungle

Highly anticipated pork belly buns

Duck wontons “Shut it down”

Spicy pork sausage and rice cakes

I have literally been waiting years to go to New York and walk into the Momofuku institution. As with any other Asian food enthusiast, I copped the book, follow the twitter, and read the articles. The anticipation to go here felt like waiting until Christmas to receive a Super Nintendo. Lo and behold, this past summer I finally got my wish.

The Momofuku of choice was the Ssam bar since they offered the most variety. Right when you walk in, you can feel the New York urban cool. The decor has a modern feel as it’s decked out in wood panel and a few John McEnroe posters. The staff is hip and the crowd is a pleaser.

For our order, there is no doubt we got the pork belly buns and duck with rice. We supplemented these staples with duck wontons and spicy sausage with rice cake. The outcome was true happiness.

Momofuku Ssäm Bar on Urbanspoon

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