Homeland food at Vung Tau (San Jose)

Vung Tau
Banh Khot aka mini Vietnamese Pancakes

Banh Hoi with Nem noung (meat balls) and pork chops

Com Tom with grilled onions wrapped in beef

You can’t visit the South Bay without having Vietnamese food. San Jose is the second largest Vietnamese population in the US, so you know it has to be good. Vung Tau is one of San Jose’s longest standing Vietnamese restaurants in rhw community.

The popular dish in Vung Tau, Vietnam, is Banh Khot (mini Vietnamese pancakes with shrimp shavings) and coincidently it is the most popular dish here. The mini cakes are to be wrapped in lettuce and dipped in fish sauce. All I can say is that it’s hella bomb and just like the homeland. The lunch concept at Vung Tau is pretty cool where you get to mix and match your meats (pork chops, grilled pork, grilled beef, pork meatballs, etc) to a rice base carb such com tam, banh hoi, etc. Pretty awesome concept and a way to load up on your protein. Overall the food was good, but for dinner I can see the bill racking up.

Vung Tau on Urbanspoon

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