Herding at the Mobile Food Rodeo in South Lake Union

The Mobile Food Rodeo is the bi-annual round up of all the Seattle food trucks into one location for your food herding convenience.  This past weekend the event took place in my hood, South Lake Union.  Literally steps from my dwelling.

We made it a priority to check out Xplosive Food Truck since there was a lot of buzz for its unique Vietnamese Filipino fusion menu.  I grew up on both Vietnamese and Filipino (friends’ family parties) cuisines, so I was excited.  When all is ate and done, the food fell pretty short of expectations.  The flaws were due to poor execution as they forgot the pickled carrots and daikon in the Chicken Adobe Banh Mi and overcooked the vermicelli rice noodles which made the Steak Bun Bowl soggy.  However their dessert, the Karaoke sweet rice balls were pretty good.  I will probably give Xplosive another try down the road after they work out the kinks.

The other places we went were to Hallava Falafel and Sweet Wheels.  Hallava Falafel probably has the best Shawama in Seattle.  The sandwich is loaded with flavor, veggies, and freshness.  The ice cream cookie sandwich at Sweet Wheels was pretty disappointing so not a fan.

In all, I always enjoy the Mobile Rodeo Events.  Where else can you herd a whole bunch of street truck food?

Xplosive Mobile Food Truck on Urbanspoon Hallava Falafel on Urbanspoon

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