Bao Down to the Chairman (Truck)

chairman truck
Off the grid …. not Haightin

OG pink boxes

Pork belly baked bun – one of the the best sandwiches in San Francisco

Spicy chicken bun

Coca cola braised pork bun

Bao down when you come to San Francisco. IMO the Chairman Truck is the best food truck in the bay area. I’m a sucker for steamed buns and bigger one for baked…. It must be the hipsterness? Or strong desire for asian food? It’s both!

I must emphasize the pork belly baked bun was one hell of an experience….succulent pork belly with pickled daikon in a soft sweet baked bao bun that had made each bite of this sandwich perfect. I’m getting hungry writing this. The other baos were delicious too and packed with flavor. The food from the Chairman Truck was so good, I would consider leading an investment group to bring this truck to Seattle.

The Chairman on Urbanspoon

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