Bouchon Bakery – Baller Cookies

For the dood enthusiast or anyone that loves sweets… you cannot leave the Venetia without hitting up Bouchon Bakery. 1st we balled out at the bistro and then now comes the bakery….the Thomas Keller affair. These macarons were probably the best I’d ever had in my lifetime. Each cookie was the right sweet, flavor, and crunch. I took very small bites to prolong the experience and hoping it wouldn’t end. I could easily eat through the $20 worth. I also had the croissant, some cookie sandwich, and a turkey cran baguette. All choices were pretty good and made the experience great.

Also, bouchon bakery is probably the best spot to get coffee in the hotel. The ratio of girls to guys in line is 5 to 1. That’s pretty good odds for Vegas.

Bouchon Bakery (Venetian) on Urbanspoon

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