Ma’Ono Fried Chicken


Korean and Original

Kim Chi

bone marrow


Spam Musabi

Can’t express how much I love fried chicken. Ma’Ono is one of my go to friend chicken spots in Seattle and along with popeyes (don’t hate). Ma’Ono originated from the Springhill Monday pop up and then chef Mark Fuller converting to fried chicken and progressive Hawaiian/Asian inspired food full time.

Ma’Ono serves their fried chicken three way and your choice of two – regular, korean (spicy), and chinese (sweet mild mustard). All of them are definitely cracking so I recommend going with original and asking for the other two sauces on the side (sampler style). The other dishes that also hit home were the woodfired kalbi short ribs, clams, bone morrow, and curry bacon fried rice. I have yet to make my way through the whole menu but I plan to. Also, the burger gets a lot of attention as one of the best in Seattle. Occasionally they will serve the red velvet shake which is money and can compete with any desert in town.

To me the Ma’Ono concept of fried chicken and whisky theme is a perfect harmony. I’ll warm up with some whisky and close out with some draft beer. The hardest decision is not wanting to order everything.

Ma'ono Fried Chicken & Whisky on Urbanspoon

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